k-12 virtual
field trip

Travel made possible. explore anywhere.

Learning Journey: K-12 Virtual Field Trip
​Despite staying at home due to COVID-19, virtual travel is still possible.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to truly experience a place without having to actually be there?

Our LIVE K-12 Virtual Field Trip will take students to interactive, fun, exciting, and educational tourist destinations right at the safety of their computers. This program is one of the best options to take students to continue outdoor learning during this time of pandemic and still follow government's policy on health and safety as per AITF. 

Virtual Field Trip do remove the barriers between your classroom and those far-away people and resources. It may seem a little strange at first to be talking to a monitor but once students get engaged in a lively discussion with those on the far end, the technology becomes invisible, and the walls disappear.

What to expect on our K-12 virtual Field trip 

LIVE Tour Guide in action with very informative and fun discussion while showing the students around the actual destination. 

Real-time inter-action for games, Q&A, and pop quizzes. Whenever curiosity kicks in, the LIVE virtual host is there to make sure students are engaged, having fun learning. 

Hands-on activity as part of each program enhances student's motor development while appreciating the virtual learning as if they are there doing it!

Health and safety are our primary concerns and since it is impossible for students to go outdoors at the moment, a Virtual Field Trip is the best option for everyone. Outdoor learning while staying safely at home.

learning journey programs

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Let's Go Organic 
World of Healthy Eats and Greens

Moo My Milk
Animal Farm Experience

Heritage Journey

Wooden Architecture


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