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Day Trips


What are day trips & activities?

A day trip is a visit to a tourist destination or visitor attraction from a hotel, or hostel in the morning, returning to the same lodging in the evening. Time varies based on activity or attraction.

Why book this option?

It sets freedom from choosing your preferred activity or day trip without the hassle of wasting time figuring out where to go. Best for travelers doing it themselves. DIY peeps!



  • 3 days / 2 nights

  • 4 days / 3 nights

OPEN SCHEDULE on the guest's preferred travel date. Subject to room availability. Minimum 2 PAX per booking.


Why book this option?

It sets freedom from choosing your preferred travel date. No need to wait for joiners to fill target slots.



  • 3-4 days

FIXED TRAVEL SCHEDULE open for joiners - solo, couple, family, or friends. We combine small groups with this kind of tour. Fixed departure date and itinerary with a minimum of 20 slots to fill. 

We also offer an easy installment payment option to make your dream travel a reality. 

Why book this option?

A package, everything is pre-arranged for your convenience.

Enjoy traveling with other people. Meet new friends. This is also a much cheaper option considering the fully loaded inclusions.